About Casa Mistral and Inger & Carlos

Inger Holmqvist & Carlos MosquedaCasa Mistral is the name of our beautiful home in the south of Spain. Apart from being a physical location, Casa Mistral is a space for gathering and healing. Each room is unique in its own way and represents the many activities and work we do in our home, symbolic of growth and prosperity..

Mistral is the term used for the powerful wind that blows from the north. It sweeps across the continent on its way down to the Mediterranean sea, clearing away any dust clouds and debris, leaving behind a luminous deep blue sky. Such clarity and radiance is what Casa Mistral stands for, and it is what we seek in every meeting with all those that journey to our home.

The common bond shared throughout our home is the clarity we all seek. We are here to facilitate your process and are always available to offer guidance and support, whether it be for yourself or interaction with others. Our intention is to clear away the dust and particles that cloud our vision, we pull back the veil that blocks our view, and then what we experience is a luminosity that is always present.


I am a Process coach and therapist. I have worked for many years as a course leader in the areas of human communication and relationship. I use tools such as coaching and team building to support and develop processing within organizations and individuals. As a therapist, my work involves supporting others release mental and emotional blockages, as well as body treatments as Aromatherapy. I was one of the initiators and leaders for a youth at risk project. I have a bachelor degree in Education.


I am a Process coach and work with leadership development and human communication. I create and lead various process-oriented training programs in the area of relationships and for the unemployed. I support and develop programs involving integration and diversity, a challenging subject of our world today. I also support youth at risk and have been an initiator of the youth project "Fri-sikt". I am a student and teacher of A Course in Miracle