Coaching – Individuals & Copules


Our approach to coaching

Coaching is an active form of dialogue where you get the support you need to find your own answers, to carve out solutions, to structure and shape your future. Our intention is to facilitate and support you, to keep this process alive as something constant in your life, so it will be a living part of everyday life. The idea is to take advantage of what is good and functioning, to build on the positive forces to achieve the desired change.

For individuals – private or bussiness related

The spirit of listening gives structure and clarity to your thoughts. We rarely pay attention to the power that lies in true and genuine listening. When someone gives us their full attention, we hear ourselves in new ways, deeper levels of understanding develop and we become aware of our inherent wisdom. When questions are asked in a structured manner, our natural intuition and creative ideas take shape. This process grounds us, allowing a clear mind and knowledge to surface, which then releases the energy that can take us to the next level and fulfill our best potential.

For couples

If your relationship has stagnated, is in crisis or if there may be a desire to expand, deepen or explore more. We offer consultations for couples to break through what stands in their way of peace, harmony, love and respect. We explore the patterns and beliefs that have shaped how you relate to each other. We want to identify what is no longer supportive in your relationship. You will learn communication techniques and participate in structured exercises that release the old stuck patterns and make room for new healthy ones. We will create a common intent and purpose for a strong and happy union. The work will be done both individually and together.