Courses – Walk your way with purposeWalk Your Way with Purpose – 2,5 days • Stockholm, Sweden • Please contact us for future dates

This course it is about giving yourself the time and space to explore Your internal self. It is also an opportunity to consciously shape your life! We provide tools that will help you make complete with thoughts, feelings and / or behaviors that you experience prevents you to be and do what you really want in/with your life. 

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Courses – El encuentro The MeetingEl Encuentro (The Meeting) – 2,5 days • Please contact us for future dates

In this work shop you will get the opportunity to meet with yourself, maybe the most important meeting you will ever have. Together we will explore our dreams and desires, find out what thoughts- and/or believes system we hold in their way. In a safe environment we provide the space and the listening for you; to get in touch with your inner courage, to clear away the obstacles and to let the dreams shine through and to come to life in order to manifest.

Courses – The Holy RelationshipThe Holy Relationship – 2,5 days • Please contact us for future dates

We will explore and find ways to develop and give a deeper meaning to our relationships. This applies to all forms of relationships, not only to what we call a romantic relationship. There are countless possibilities for growth in all our relationships. A Holy Relationship is a relationship in which two people join in a higher common purpose and where we, through the other person, can mirror ourselves in depth. In this relationship, we support each other in personal and inner growth, to achieve peace within and outside ourselves. We work with ways of communication and forgiveness, and examine how to make The Holy Relationship possible.

Courses – The core of health and healingThe Core of Health and Healing – • Please contact us for future dates

During these days we will explore the core of health within ourselves. Like, where does the real and sustainable health really comes from. What has happened, when we don’t feel healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually? We will explore how to reach our own inner intelligence for to reach what make us feel healthy.