Iris Garden

Natural essences for both internal and external use


Iris was the name of my grandmother who was, and still is, a role model for me. For me, she represents the original female wisdom, a wisdom which is also to be found in nature.

Nature provides us with everything we need for our well-being. The plants were originally our pharmacy and they are still the basis of many modern medicines.

Many plants have a beneficial effect both on body and mind, and are very useful to prevent illness and to achieve well-being.

All-natural Fragrances


Perfumes have been used by humans for thousends of years, to make oneself attractive and appealing to others. Originally, all-natural fragrances were used for this.

Today though producing perfumes is a huge industry and is based almost exclusively on chemical fragrances. These chemical scents are stable and therefore can easily be copied, making it possible to develop a generic unnatural fragrance that can be recreated again and again.

Personal PerfumesPersonal Perfumes

I can create a perfume of 100 % natural essences from plants, which besides having a fragrance that suits you, it also has a therapeutic effect based on your unique wishes and needs.

To create a signature perfume we begin with a personal consultation. We discuss your unique qualities and select essences that support and reinforce what you want. You will also get to choose the fragrances that speak to you. Based on this, I can create a mixture that will become your personal all natural perfume. So in addition to a pleasant fragrance you will also increase your well being.