The Body's Way

Body Harmony
– Gentle Hands on Bodywork


When there is an imbalance in our body we will have a feeling, maybe of discomfort, pain or stress, etc. The imbalance comes from signals that the mind sends to the body. All our thoughts and feelings are reflected in our body.

The influence of the mind in healing is addressed in virtually every medical tradition, from the ancient teachings of Ayurveda to modern medicine.

In the body itself, we have all the medicine we need to restore the balance and the health. The question is how to reach/access this intelligence, “the box of medicine” within the body?

Body Harmony will help and support you to reach the access door to “this intelligence” and restore the harmony in your body.

It’s about reading the body language and listening to the whisper of your body, the breath and slight movements and signals.

With the touch we can bypass the intellect and work directly with the subconscious and thus support your own inner natural desire for healing.

Working with Body Harmony aims to improve the quality of life and health through a higher degree of body awareness, self-knowledge and self-care.